Event Listing

Please note that all events, including dates and times, are subject to change. Check back for updates! Our final schedule will be available in our program guide when you pick up your registration on site.

If you have any questions, or would like to suggest or host an event this year or next year, please contact Autumnfox via programming@wpafw.org . Thank you!


Afternoon Movies (Noon to 6pm) – Grab some popcorn and some friends and enjoy time at the movies! We’ll be playing a variety of family-friendly films, both furry-themed and otherwise. Too hot outside or just want to unwind? We’ve got you covered, just sit back and enjoy!

Art Show (Noon to 7pm) – A new addition to our event this year! We’ll be offering a space for talented artists to show off their works. While we are not offering sales this year, this is a perfect opportunity for artists to gain a larger audience. If you’re an artist interested in displaying your wares, please let us know!

Dinner: Rogis and Bassa (6pm to 7:30pm) – Chef Oz has heard your cries and responded! We will be bringing back a hearty dinner of Pierogis and Kielbasa. We will be serving them up piping hot with all the fixins. Side dishes will include corn and a salad. Prepare to feast like Polish royalty!

Drum Circle (4pm to 5pm) – Join Kyrellius and drum along with his variety of instruments or bring your own. Keep up the beat or just relax and hang out in a marvelous harmony of percussion. Another popular WPAFW tradition you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Friday Night Dance (10pm to Close) – The night continues with more upbeat tunes. Dance the night away until the park authorities force us to close our doors for the evening. But don’t worry! This is just the first day, and there’s much more fun to come!

Fursuit Friendly Dance (8:30pm to 10pm) – Jam out with popular but easy to dance to tunes, perfect for both fursuiters and non-fluffy people alike! Don’t be shy, come on and dance with us fursuiters. We know you want to. We don’t bite! (Much.)

Fursuit Lounge (10am to 11:30pm) – We’re increasing the size of our fursuit lounge this year due to popular demand! Take off your heads and cool down, relax a while and get to know your fellow fursuiters. The fursuit lounge will be open throughout the entire event.

Games in the Park (11am to 8pm) – Enjoy frisbee, volley ball, swings and more. The park is open all daylight hours for your enjoyment, so get out and have fun in the autumn sun!

Geocache (Noon to 8pm) – A much-loved tradition here at WPAFW. Explore the park, following clues and find those hidden caches. New this year, we’ll be rewarding charity tickets for your finds. The more caches you find, the more chances you’ll earn to win! The geo-cache continues into Saturday, before the charity raffle.

Growl and Graze (1:30pm to 6pm & 8:30pm to 11:30pm) – Missed lunch or still feeling hungry after dinner? Not to worry! We’ll provide snacks all through the event. Grab some chips and soda or any of our other offerings, so you’ll have the energy to enjoy the fun all day long! The growl and graze continues Saturday and Sunday as well.

Hookah Hangout (11am to 8pm) – A special part of the lodge’s patio is devoted to hookah enthusiasts. Hang out with friends and relax on the patio. Not into hookah? We’ve made sure this year to keep the tables far enough away so you can enjoy the fresh air.

Ice Cream Social (7:30pm to 8:30pm) – Sponsors and supersponsors get to enjoy nummy ice cream after dinner. A perfect treat to cool you down, especially if you’ve eaten a few too many jalapenos during dinner! In previous years we’ve ordered way too much, so regular attendees are free to check in after the sponsors have had their fill.

Karaoke (2pm to 4pm) – Do you want to be a star? Too bad! Come sing along karaoke with us instead. It doesn’t matter if you’re tone deaf. Just do your best, have fun and sing your favorite songs on stage. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you! Well we might, but when you’re on stage, it’s all glamour and fame, so who cares what the haters think?

Lunch: Fur Con Cookout (Noon to 1:30pm) – Old attendees to WPAFW know that we feed you all event long! We will be cooking up our Friday afternoon favorite of hamburgers and hot dogs, served with various salads and chips. Sodas, water, and tea will be available to keep you hydrated.

Meet & Greet (9:30am to Noon) – As always, we’ll kick up with coffee and drinks while wet get set up. Feel free to help out and mingle and get to know your fellow attendees and our staff! The meet and greet also kicks off the early Saturday and Sunday mornings as well.

Nerf Free-for-All (3pm to 4pm) – You want to shoot your friends. We know you do. There’s no point denying it. Now it’s on our schedule so it’s all perfectly legal… as long as you do it with Nerf! We’ll have a huge variety of Nerf guns, and it’s anyone’s game, no holds barred! Are you ready? It’s Nerf or muffin!

Open Microphone (4pm to 8pm) – Ever wanted to be a stand-up comic, tell interesting stories, or sing your favorite song on stage? Well now you can! We can’t guarantee your audience will like it, but then, we can’t guarantee the talent, either! Pull up the microphone and just have fun before our DJs take over the stage later tonight. Open mic will be open Saturday as well, whenever nothing else is planned, so don’t worry about missing your chance to be a star!

Puppet Show (7pm to 8pm) – Wind down in the evening with laughs and songs from Kyrellius and crew and their prominently performing puppets! Grab your own puppets and interact, or just sit back and enjoy the show.

Sponsors’ Speakeasy (2pm to 10pm) – Sponsors and supersponsors are welcome to enjoy our bar, served by the lovely Morgain. We’ve extended our hours–and our reserves!–so those who’ve contributed more to our event can enjoy even more liquid bread. Don’t worry if the kegs dry up. The speakeasy will start again the same time on Saturday!

Stargazing (9:30pm to Close) – Weather permitting, enjoy the beauty of the stars above. Do you realize you’re looking at light finally reaching the planet Earth from years, centuries, millennia away?!

Videorama! (11am to 11pm) – New to WPAFW and a natural addition to the board games in the Zoo, enjoy casual and competitive video gaming. Show everyone that you’re the very best, like no one ever was!

The Zoo: Gaming and More! (10am to 11:30pm) – Enjoy gaming all day long! In addition, enjoy space for art and socializing. The zoo will be also open Saturday and Sunday.


Afternoon Movies (4pm to 7pm)

Art Show (9am to 7pm)

Charity Raffle Drawing (7pm to 9pm) – Make sure to buy and place your tickets to support our charity this year, Going Home Greyhounds. Every year we have a variety of unique and mysterious gifts and lots to win. so buy more tickets for a good cause, with a chance to win it big!

Dinner: Com-fur-t Food (5:30pm – 7pm) – After a fun filled day of being an awesome furry you must be exhausted, its time to relax for a moment.  You need a good comfurting meal. We will be serving up a feast that will make you just melt into that chair while you are getting comfurtable with us- Chicken, pasta, meatballs, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and a salad.

Fursona Musical Composition (1pm to 3pm) – Join Windishfox and his musical endeavors! Your fursona could use a good theme song, maybe two! So join in or even just listen, enjoying his works and works he generates during this unique event.

Fursuit Charades (1:30pm to 2:30pm) – Get your fluff on as Mae-Lin leads several rounds of charades, and hope the judges are smart enough to figure out what all your arm-waving gesturing is all about. It’s fur-raising fun, always a very fun time for fursuiters and non-suiters alike, so come on down and join the frantic antics!

Fursuit Lounge (9:30pm to 11:30pm)

Fursuit Photos (3pm to 4pm) – Suit up and ham it up for pictures in the park and on stage. We’ll have a new backdrop this year and will be providing an all-new gallery to display you and  your friends in all your glorious fluffiness!

Group Photo (4pm to 4:30pm) – Another WPAFW tradition, a group shot of all our attendees who want to be seen! We’re planning to set up way in advance, so please be ready by 4pm. Show your pride as an attendee as we take our annual group photo. We always love to see your faces, old and new alike!

Growl and Graze (1:30pm to 5:30pm, 7pm to 9pm)

Games in the Park (9am to 8pm)

Geocache (9am to 6pm)

Hookah Hangout (9am to 8pm)

Karaoke (2pm to 4pm)

Lunch: Furry Fiesta (Noon to 1:30pm) – Taco cat has joined WPAFW and he brought a fiesta buffet with him! We will be serving up our taco buffet again this year. You can make your own tacos, burritos or taco salads cause we got all the goodies, we even brought the guac. So put on your sombrero and join us for a visit to Mexico!

Meet & Greet (9:30am to Noon)

Open Microphone (9am to 1pm, pm to 7:30pm)

Saturday Morning Cartoons (9:30am to Noon) – Back by popular demand, sit back with cereal and your comfy pajamas and enjoy a variety of cartoons–both new and old–to start your Saturday morning off right. Saturday morning cartoons may be off the air these days, but not for us!

Sponsors’ Speakeasy (2pm to 10pm)

Stargazing (9:30pm to Close)

Supersponsors’ Whiskey Tasting (9pm to 10:30pm) – Wine? We drink Whisky here, pardner! A special event for our supersponsors, enjoy a variety of whisky. Ever wanted to know the differences between bourbon, Scottish and Irish whiskies? No? Well you will! Thank you, supersponsors, so much for all your support!

Saturday Night Dance (9pm to Close) – Hitch and a cast of DJs young and old play in tribute to long-time WPAFW friend Frisby. Dance on through the night to celebrate his life and his memory, and for all the great music he played for us and our attendees.

Videorama! (9:30am to 11pm)

The Zoo: Gaming and More! (9am to 11pm)


Art Show (9am to 3pm)

Brunch: Thank You for Coming, Now Go Home Buffet
(10am to Noon) – Thank you all for coming! Oz and his awesome team are gonna whip up one last meal to get you all energized and awake. We will have a simple breakfast buffet that will include: eggs, sausage, pancakes and hash browns. Please eat up and go home! We will see you next year with more amazing meals for you!

Closing Words (4pm) – Blithe just has a few words to give the final results of our charity and offer heartfelt thank yous to you, all of our attendees. We hope to see you all again next year! No need to yet, though. Our final dance will be kicking off until this year finally draws to a close.

Fursuit Lounge (9:30am to 7pm)

Open Microphone (9am to 3pm)

Games in the Park (9am to 4pm)

Growl and Graze (Noon to 6pm)

Hookah Hangout (9am to 4pm)

Dead Dog Dance (4pm to Close) – We’re not dead yet! Let’s keep this dog alive, dance and socialize with all our friends, both old and new alike, as long as we can before we say our final farewells. We’ve made so many fond memories, we’ll miss you all!

Makeup and More with Yitters (1pm to 3pm) – You are beautiful. And if not, well now you can be! Join Yitters as she shows the uses and application of makeup for outrageous, regardless of your gender. Don’t know where to start? Yitters is here!

Morning Movie (9am to 11:30pm) – Our final movie or shows of the weekend. What will we close out with? You’ll have to join and see! Cast your vote or let our movie jockey decide. Either way, we thank you all for joining us!

Videorama! (9:30am to 4pm)

The Zoo: Gaming and More! (9am to 4pm)