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Events and Dining for WPAFW 2017 are still being planned! In the meantime, check out our options from 2016, below.

Friday Lunch: Fur Con Cookout

A Friday afternoon favorite!! We will be cooking up some hamburgers and hot dogs!! Served with various salads and chips. Sodas, water, and tea will be available to keep you hydrated.


Squirel Cooking

Friday Dinner: Rogis and Bassa!!

Chef Oz has heard your cries and responded!! We will be bringing back a hearty dinner of Pierogis and Kielbasa. We will be serving them up piping hot with all the fixins!! Side dishes will include corn and a salad. Prepare to feast like Polish royalty!

Saturday Lunch: Furry Fiesta

Taco cat has joined WPAFW and he brought a Fiesta Buffet with him!! We will be serving up our taco buffet again this year!! You can make your own tacos, burritos or taco salads cause we got all the goodies, we even brought the guac! So put on your sombrero and join us for a visit to mexico!

Taco Cat

Saturday Dinner: Com-fur-t Food

After a fun filled day of being an awesome furry you must be exhausted, its time to relax for a moment.  You need a good com-furting meal. We will be serving up a feast that will make you just melt into that chair while you are getting com-furtable with us- Chicken, pasta, meatballs, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and a salad.


turtle tatos

Sunday Brunch: Thank you for coming, Now go home buffet

Aw thank you all for coming!! Oz and his awesome team are gonna whip up one last meal to get you all energized and awake. We will have a simple breakfast buffet that will include: Eggs, sausage, pancakes and hash browns. Please eat up and go home! We will see you next year with more amazing meals for you!!



All Meals Have A Vegetarian Friendly Option

Questions or concerns about our menu? Please contact us at


Bear with beer

Cold and refreshing brews on tap, hand-selected by the Chairman!

Our beers for 2016 are still being decided! Rest assured, we have excellent great reasonable taste – previous years included kegs of Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale, East End Big Hop Ale, Erie Railbender, Penn Brewery Oktoberfest, Yuengling Lager, and more!

Note: For 2016, for liability and safety reasons, outside alcoholic beverages will NOT be allowed in the venue.  But please, Sponsors and Super-Duper Sponsors, enjoy our selection at the Beer Bar and do drink responsibly!

*Bartenders will not serve V.I.F.s- Visibly Intoxicated Furs – Please Drink Responsibly!