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Hi! I am Vix and I make art! Ever since I was a wee thing, I was drawing. Specifically, drawing animals.wpafw-badgerika

I was known as the “animal girl” and my classmates were always amazed by my drawing abilities (even though they were pretty darn terrible at the time). In around 6th grade, I began going to a private art school and creating my own characters.  That is around the time that I made Rika, who has stuck with me ever since. At the private art school, I met El Dragon, who would eventually bring Rika to life in the form of a fursuit. I continued my work throughout high school where I began painting murals and even got in the doors of Google Pittsburgh to do custom murals in their offices. I am still doing artwork for Google once a month.

After high school I went to Carnegie Mellon University for art and animation. It was then that I discovered the local furry community and got more involved in the fandom. I have met so many great people since becoming a part of this community, and it has helped me in many ways. One of those ways is by helping me continue my love for cartooning and video making.  Since graduating from CMU, I have been selling art online to commissioners all over the world and creating videos for my 71,000 YouTube subscribers. I plan to continue doing freelance art and creating videos for people all over the world. It is so rewarding to personally experience the happiness that my creativity brings to others, and that makes it all worthwhile.

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