Music and Lights and Lasers, Oh My!  Let’s make this year’s dances bigger and better than ever.

Get out there and sweat off all that Sponsor Beer!

WPAFW is now seeking DJs for 2017! Please email your audition to with the subject line “DJ Audition 17”.  Please include your stage name, your badge name, a link to your audition mix (soundcloud, mixcloud, youtube), as well as what gear you will be using/ will need.

Auditions should be around 30 to 60 minutes long and show the general music styles you are going to play.  They should also show mixing style and special skills (ie. turntablism).  We are looking for a variety of music styles, including pop/ top40 music.

Any questions can be directed to the same e-mail ( or hit me direct on Telegram @hitchthefox.

Looking forward to hearing all the wonderful talent we have in the local fandom! ♥~Hitch~♥